Thank you for sending me the copy of your book

Thank you for sending me the copy of your book. I'd like you to know that I found everything you said to be helpful and accurate. When I was a young child I could remember having feelings that people were in the room that I was in. For some reason I got the feeling that they were there for bad reasons. I remember telling them that if they were there to tkill me, they could. When I was a little older I played around with a Ouija board and had it move.


I just started learning over the past year or so about spiritual warfare and it seems that I still have problems with bad spirits. Pretty recently, at night I felt like there were spirits wrestling over me. I'm now able to identify some of the horrible thoughts that I previously thought to be my own are placed there by demons. I'm definetly interested to learn more and combat them more effectively. I know some friends in my church and my parents are in real need of deliverance.


The reason that i read your book was because my little cousin was having a lot of seizures. --LEE, age 19


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