We off help to desperate parents of tantruming tots to troubled teens. No matter how violent the child or strong the addiction. No matter how slow, rejected, or rebellious your child is, YOU can learn to harness a secret strength and bring peace to your home. Written for parents by a parent.

With widom beyond her years, Mrs. Thomas writes with the honest voice of a multi-faceted experience. Having navigated the trauma of five sets of parents as a child, the adventure of parenting nineteen natural, fost, and adoptive children and now a young grandmother, Thomas understands the cries of a hurting child and provides real solutions to real problems.

Thirteen separate chapters address the unique challenges of parenting natural, adoptive, or foster children. Whether your problems are mild or off the charts, your life will be changed from reading this book. Find out how she and other parents overcame desperation and took control of their homes, children, lives and estinies. A special addendum to the book offers dozens of links to web sites with information relating to a very large array of parenting needs. Learn techniques guaranteed to improve your life!