Is your child a foster child?

Are you raising a grandchild?

Is your teen using drugs?

Does your child have allergies?

Is you teen or child uncrontrollable?

Do you need hope and help?

Is your child rebellious?

Does your child have ADD?

Does your child have ADHD?

Does your child have raging tantrums?

Has your child ever been molested?

Has your child been rejected?

Has your child been tramatized?

Does your child have nightmares?

Does your child have an imaginary friend?

Have you ever worried that your child might try to kill you?

Have you ever wrorried that you might try to kill your child?

Do you love your child?

Do you hate your child?

Are you a pastor or teacher?

Are you a councelor?

Do you think your child's problems might be spiritual or caused by a spirit?

Has your child or anyone in your family used a ouji board?

Has your child or anyone in your family dabbled in witchcraft?

Has your child been satanically ritualistically abused?

Has your child been abused in anyway?

Is your child suicidal?

Does your child have an eating disorder?

Does your child have ODD?

Is your child often angry?