Natural Children are not Immune

The following is a detailed case history involving demonic entry while the child was still in the womb, which is a very common time for the enemy to attack.


Kelly and her husband had been seperated for about two weeks when she found out that she was expecting their second child. She had gone for one of those twenty-five dollar pregnancy tests at Planned Parenthood, and was barely informed of the results before they offered to schecdule an abortion. Although she loved her older child, she was overwhelmed by the though of trying to make room in her life for another baby. However, abortion was out of the question because of her strong belief in God.


Kelly reunited with her husband, who had worked only intermittently with poor hours and low pay. She worked full-time trying to provide for her family on minimum wage. They generally had the support of their families, who were clearly less than thrilled, with the news of her pregnancy. kelly was in her early twenties and had no friends to turn to with her concerns even though she and her husband attented church regularly...

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