Summary of Deliverance Techniques

"The kingdom of God is not just talking: it is living by God's power." --I Corinthians 4:20


You must not just read this book and put it back on a shelf. Your child will never be pretoected, never experience deliverance if you don't work it out through obedience. The steps are simple and are not time consuming, but they must be taken to arrive at a conclusion. They require commitment on the part of the parent. You must pray, pray, pray -- either do it or get it, both are best. "Don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything." --Philippians 4:6. Many times freedom is complete and immediate, other times it must be won in sections. Having set our feet firmly opon the foundation of Jesus Christ, we are ready to consider the tas kof deliverance.


Prayer Cloths
We get the concept of prayer cloths from Acts 19:11-12: "And God gave Paul the power to do unusual miracles, so that even when his handkerchiefs or part of his clothing were placed upon sick people, they were healed, and any demons within them came out." Some churches pray...


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