Generational Curses

It is very important to pray against any generational curses that may be attached to each new child that the Lord entrust you with. Many of you have taken the responsibility of parenting your grandkids due to their parent's involvement in drugs or prostitution or other forms of irresponsibility and sin. I strongly recomment that you diligently pray over each of your charges. All foster children, adopted children, and some natural children will also fall under this need.


Recently, I was praying over a little angel the Lord had briefly blessed us with, and I said, "Oh Lord, please bless sandy, he's such a fine baby!" I could almost hear the Father chuckle as he quickly responded, "I have blessed him, that's why he's such a fine baby!" When we are expecting a child to leave, which meanse that a new placement will follow, I begin to pray that the Lord will bring just the child that He has planned for us. I also pray for the child's health and safety, and sometimes for their parents if I feel led by the Lord. This particular child had been on my heart two months before we got him. The Lord had given me a dream...


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