Innocence Lost

In the wee hours of what would become a hot August day, a lone security guard made his rounds outside a busy hospital just outside Los Angeles. A typical night had wound down and it was not just before down, as he turned corner, a snatch of movement caught his eye, and then a sound, a small cry from the bushes. The guard turned his flashlight to full power and approached the planter with caution. He needn't have feared the tiny infant he was about to discover.


At almost the same moment a weary night Sergeant on the local police Department took the call... A woman's voice said, "You had better check the bushes at Memorial Hospital, there is a baby." Then the line went dead, she hung up, to be cut off from her son's life forever.


As the night watersystem was about to turn on, the excited guard scooped up the child and rushed him to the emergency room. The baby, who only hours before had been safe in his mother's womb, was now poked and prodded and checked. The newborn was determined to be less than two hours old. Hospital records were check to see if possibly the mother had given...


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